Terms & Conditions

An open account is a privilege extended at Butler Mobility Products’ discretion to those firms that are favorably rated in Dunn & Bradstreet, and / or have had a previous satisfactory account with Butler Mobility Products.

The privilege of an open account can and will be withdrawn when a firm abuses the privilege by delaying payment beyond the terms stated on this confirmation for any reason.

For airfreight and air express shipments, the FOB airport will be Harrisburg International, Pennsylvania.

CONDITION OF SALE: Verbal orders cannot be completed until written confirmation is received and accepted by Butler Mobility Products. All orders are subject to acceptance only in accordance with the terms set forth herein, other terms and conditions appearing on the purchase order notwithstanding. Any exceptions must be agreed to by us, in writing. We are not bound (by shipment, acknowledgement of your orders or otherwise) by any printed provisions of your purchase orders which are unreasonable or are inconsistent with the provisions hereof.

DELIVERIES and INSTALLATIONS: Purchaser’s requested delivery schedules will be met by us to the best of our ability. Any delivery promise, however, only represents our best estimate of the time required to make shipment. We cannot assume any liability, consequential or otherwise, because of failure to deliver, or not to deliver on schedule, for any reason. Delivery of samples or any part of an order does not constitute an obligation to make further deliveries. We reserve the right to reject an order, in whole or in part.

PRICES: Prices on quotations are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.

TAXES: Unless otherwise specified, all prices are quoted, exclusive of Federal, State, and Local Excise, Sales, and similar taxes. These charges, when applicable, will be charged as separate additional items on the Invoices, unless, and then only to the extent exemption certificates properly executed in approved form are in our possession before shipping.

QUOTATIONS: All written quotations automatically expire unless accepted within 60 days from the date quoted. However, all quotations are subject to change, with or without notice, within this 60-day period. Verbal quotations expire the same day they are made. Quotations, to be binding, must list the actual quantities involved. All stenographic and clerical errors are subject to correction.

LIMITED WARRANTY: Download GoldenTechs’ Lift Chair Warranty and GoldenTechs’ Scooter Warranty

TERMINATIONS AND HOLD ORDERS: Any order may be terminated by the purchaser at any time upon written notification, to the extent hereinafter provided and subject to the following conditions:

The purchaser will:

  • Accept delivery of and pay for, at current prices, all of the material completely manufactured by Butler Mobility Products.
  • Pay all costs direct or indirect, incurred by Butler Mobility Products, on that portion that is not finished and/ or ready for shipment on the day of termination notice is received by Butler Mobility Products. “Hold” orders and “stop work” orders are considered to be termination notices and are subject to the above conditions. It is understood that Butler Mobility Products will exert every effort to reduce costs by diverting, when possible, complete materials, work in process, and raw materials on order.

LOSS OR DAMAGE IN TRANSIT: Download GoldenTechs’ Shipping/Receiving Guidelines