Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts
The Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts are the perfect solution for a home where someone needs to have a wheel chair on both levels of their home. Read More
Butler Mobility Products Dumbwaiters offers the highest quality, most flexible line of dumbwaiters on the market today. Read More
Commercial Dumbwaiters

Wheelchair Lifts for Stairs & Dumbwaiters

Butler Mobility Products is a Pennsylvania manufacturer of premium quality Wheelchair Lifts as well as Dumbwaiters.   All of our platform wheelchair lifts and dumbwaiter products are rugged, sturdy units with

ULCSA certified components and are useful in commercial or residential applications.

Butler Mobility's inclined platform wheelchair lifts and vertical platform wheelchair lifts for stairs come standard with battery backup and a quiet, powerful new power unit.  The lifts has a lifting capacity of either
500 or 750 pounds.  Butler Mobility has been providing customers with wheelchair lift and dumbwaiter elevator products that improve the quality of their lives for over 50 years.  We deliver freedom, independence and convenience with safe, reliable and unobtrusive products ideal for commercial and residential buildings.

At Butler Mobility Products we have thousands of satisfied customers all around the United States and Canada. We offer innovative wheelchair lifts for stairs and dumbwaiter elevator products along with dependable service from our qualified dealers. Our high quality, rugged assemblies with minimal moving parts are manufactured with pride here in the USA. That’s why our wheelchair and dumbwaiters are called; "The Lifts that Last™"

For more information or to order an inclined platform wheelchair lift or dumbwaiter product, call us toll-free at 888-847-0804, or locally at 717-938-4253.  Contact Us to fill out an online inquiry and a representative will contact you.

Inclined Wheelchair Lifts

Inclined Platform Wheelchair
As well as ADA-compliance, our platform wheelchair lift models meet or exceed all National Safety Code (ANSI/ASME code) requirements. Our wheelchair lift models have UL® and CSA certified components. Read More

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

Vertical Platform Wheelchair
Butler Mobility wheelchair lifts are designed for easy and cost-effective installation that is seamless and visually appealing. The power unit can be located almost anywhere. Read More


Butler Mobility Products is pleased to announce our newly re-engineered line of premium quality electric dumbwaiters. Our products offer the highest quality, most flexible line of dumbwaiters on the market today.  Read More