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Home and Commercial Dumbwaiters

Butler Mobility Products is pleased to announce our newly re-engineered line of premium quality electric dumbwaiters for homes and businesses. The Butler Mobility modular elevator system offers the highest quality, most flexible line on the market today, at very competitive prices.

We provide dumbwaiters for restaurants and food service in 8 standard sizes and we would be pleased to build a customized product for you or your customer in almost any size or shape. We make custom cars that open on one, two, three, or even 4 sides and corners too. Load capacities range from 100 lbs to 450 lbs and we go up to 7 stories.


W x D x H


Butler 1000 – Ultralite 12” x 15” x 12” 100 lbs
Butler 2000 – Lite 24” x 24” x 24” 200 lbs
Butler 3000 – Medium 30” x 30” x 30” 250 lbs
Butler 4000 – Heavy Duty 36” x 36” x 48” 450 lbs
Butler 5000 – Food Service 24 18” x 26” x 24” 200 lbs
Butler 6000 – Food Service 48 18” x 26” x 48” 200 lbs
Butler 7000 – Corner 24 24”x 24” x 24” 200 lbs
Butler 8000 – Corner 30 30” x 30” x30” 200 lbs
Butler 9000 – Custom Limited only by your imagination

Our products are proudly made in Pennsylvania, USA with modern engineering techniques and superior materials and workmanship. Our UL® certified elevator systems’ safety features include redundant top and bottom limit switches, mechanical and electrical door interlocks a slack cable system and UL® certified controllers.

The Model 1000 Ultralite car is made of powder-coated heavy gauge steel and comes with a vertical-rising vinyl curtain. Our other standard dumbwaiter cars are made of cabinet-grade birch ply with steel reinforcements front and rear and a scratch- and stain-resistant bottom liner. Optional stainless steel foil liner or solid stainless steel custom cars meet all code requirements for food service. A heavy-gauge steel car is also available. Three types car gates are available: vinyl vertical-rising curtain, bi-parting aluminum and steel or stainless steel roll-top gate. We even have models that accept food carts and can be loaded at floor level.

commercial dumbwaiters

Restaurant Dumbwaiters

You’ll find features for ease of installation throughout. The motor is at the top of the shaft way where it is easy to install and service. The heavy gauge steel residential dumbwaiter guide rails are easy to install and the system has plenty of flexibility and forgiveness. All electrical controls and interlocks are pre-wired. You will receive an easy-to-follow, step by step installation manual, complete with all necessary drawings and instructions, to speed the installation of the dumbwaiters elevator system and save you time and money.

Shop and compare feature by feature – from our steel framing to our interior motion sensing light to our spill proof bottom liner and intercom system – you will see that Butler Mobility Products are premium quality and the best value on the market.

For more information, please contact or 717-938-4253 with your requirements.